The Stag´s Head was established in the 1780ties and offers great pints, food and craic. You truly capture a sense of hidden Ireland when you accidentally stumble upon the Stag´s Head. Finding it is akin to discovering a rare treasure as it is concealed through a narrow passageway off Dame Street, although access can also be gained through Exchequer Street or Georges Street. When you enter inside this feeling of discovered booty is greatly intensified as a virtual paradise of culture and old-world values confront you. This is probably Dublin’s best-preserved Victorian pub – and everything here is of authentic Victorian origin. Take time to look around and savour the sumptuously carved Victorian mahogany fittings, the mosaic marble tiled floors and granite tabletops.

Visiting the Stag’s Head is a wondrous experience whether you call when the premises is cosy, warm and glowing at night time, or in the early morning when this is the old repository of liquid culture is radiantly illuminated by wafts of sunlight filtering through the stained glass windows. The mahogany bar, capped with red Connemara marble, follows the classic Victorian architectural pattern, being long and punctuated by exquisite partitions that divide into private compartments or stalls. Don’t miss the great craic of one of Dublin’s most renowned Traditional Music sessions that can be enjoyed downstairs in the Stag’s Tail. Private Parties, Corporate Functions and Group Bookings for food and drinks can be accommodated in either of our spacious and private lounges.


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