Terms and Conditions

For the use of the website activities.ie

These are the general terms and conditions (hereinafter "GTC") of Mediate Travel Ltd (hereinafter activities.ie) for the use of the services of this website. They govern the relationship of use between the website operator and the natural and legal persons who use services within the activities.ie marketing system (hereinafter referred to as "participants"). The terms and conditions apply to the use of the websites www.activities.ie, as well as belonging to these domains subdomains (in the following: "Mediate Travel/activities.ie website"), as well as the marketing activities of activities.ie outside of the web pages, for example at fairs, in catalogs and other active sales support activities, the travel and events presented on this website. The terms and conditions apply even if you use the activities.ie website or areas thereof from other websites that allow access to the activities.ie website in full or in part.

Terms of the website operator of www.activities.ie

1 Subject Of The Marketing System And The Website

The website and the offline activities of activities.ie de in their entirety constitute an integrated marketing system for the procurement and marketing of tourism services (activities) and event services (events). The platform is aimed particularly at B2B companies and organizations, but also to private customers, who want to book corresponding offers for groups, usually from 10 participants (company events and incentives).

On the website, users (customers) can find numerous different/individual event ideas or a package offer from different providers.

For the participants, the choice of participation in the marketing system as a customer (the purchaser of services, travel and events), as a provider/organiser (organiser or service provider). Activities.ie acts as a platform/communication between customers and providers and does not become the customer's contractual partner.

The contact details of the respective provider/organiser responsible for the selected package offer will be transmitted to the customer upon activation of the function "Enquiry" as well as by telephone. The contract is concluded later between the customer and the provider directly.

2 Data Storage And Data Protection

1. Although most functions of the website can be provided without the input of personal data/company data, for some functions of the website the user must provide certain contact data and information about the planned event. The data is saved. For example, if you are requesting an offer or other questions about a specific event idea, we will pass the data on to the relevant offer provider for which the user (customer) requested a free quote.

The user agrees to the distribution of the data to the provider of the package offer for which he wishes an offer by accepting the privacy policy. The disclosure is made so that the provider in question can give a response to the user (customer). The user further agrees that he will be contacted by employees of the website operator or the requested provider by telephone, by post or by e-mail in order to answer the questions of the user or to notify or inquire about the status of the processing, as well as later to get a rating.

2. For providers, in addition to the registration on the website and the agreement to these terms and conditions, a cooperation agreement is concluded, which is prepared in writing and further details of the relationship between activities.ie and the providers/organisers regulated. Furthermore, the providers must agree to the privacy policy.

3. When using the function "Enquiry" as a user (customer) you agree to the privacy policy and these terms and conditions when submitting the form. Sending the form is only possible if you activate the Enquire field by mouse click (active action).

4. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the use of this website is governed by our privacy policy, which provides more details, such as the use of cookies etc are detailed.

3 Costs

1. For all

The use of the website is free for customers. Activities.ie does not charge any fees for using the website, requesting offers or other activities.

2. For providers

Activities.ie is based on a monthly subscription-based system payable one months in advance. Upon agreement a one-time data administration fee is payable.

There is no payment on this website.

4 Scope Of The Service

Activities.ie provides the users of this website with a communication platform and marketing system. The use, as well as their extent, can be different for the individual event categories of the participants (customers, providers, intermediaries). Activities.ie is entitled to change, restrict or completely abolish these functions without prior notice.

Temporary restrictions may result from technical disruptions such as power interruption, hardware and software failures or other events. Activities.ie further reserves the right to temporarily restrict its services, if necessary. Activities.ie considers in these cases the legitimate interests of the participants.

Activities.ie reserves the right to discontinue, sell or transfer the marketing system and/or the platform in whole or in part.

5 Blocking And Termination By Activities.ie

Activities.ie reserves the right to prevent individual participants in the use of the website by blocking the access data for good cause. An important reason is, among other things, if the participant has registered under a false name, has provided incorrect contact data or interferes with the business relationship among the participants. The blocking may also apply to the off-line activities of the marketing system, for example, the presentation of the products of the providers in catalogues, flyers, newsletters, at fairs and so on.

6 Rating System

The provision of information about services and products such as travel and events on the Internet involves risks that are inherent in the nature of the medium. Since the identification of members on the Internet is difficult, activities.ie can not assure that each participant is the natural or legal person for whom he claims to be. Despite many security measures, it is possible that a participant has given wrong contact data to activities.ie. Each participant must, therefore, ensure one another of the identity of their potential contract partner before concluding a travel or event contract.

Activities.ie will set up a rating system, with which customers can rate the quality of travel and events or their providers after their implementation. The assessments are displayed to the other participants in the respective package offer and should help to find the right product for the needs of each customer. The customer is obliged to provide only truthful information within the rating system. The ratings must be factual, may include only the name of the package offer, but not the name of the provider. When submitting a rating by the customer, the customer agrees that the corresponding rating can be viewed on www.activities.ie. Any use of the rating system that runs counter to its purpose is prohibited. Activities.ie can delete ratings if there are concrete indications for a violation of the general terms and conditions, the good customs or valid law.

7 Prohibited Travel/Events And Services

  • The providers are not allowed to set travel and events, as well as services in the marketing system for which
  • no guarantee of sufficient and useful quality can be ensured
  • no legally required insurance protecting customers has been obtained
  • violate applicable laws
  • which offend the good taste or the natural aesthetic sensibility
  • correspond to racist, militant or pornographic aspects
  • contain the propaganda marks or customs and traditions of unconstitutional organisations
  • violate the copyrights of third parties

8 General Principles

1. The participants are obligated to follow the applicable laws when using the activities.ie website.

2. The offers made by the providers may not violate applicable law, these terms and conditions or other contracts between activities.ie and any other provider.

3. For the initiation of the contract and the enabling of the contact between customer and provider/organiser, activities.ie partly or completely informs the respective participants of the triggering of certain functions on this website with the data stored in the system (company, first name, title, name, etc .).

4. The provider/organiser has to describe his offer with words and pictures correctly and completely. In doing so, he/she must truthfully specify all the characteristics and characteristics of the travel/event that are essential for the purchase decision. In addition, prior to the conclusion of the contract, he/she must provide verbal, written or electronic information about the details of the payment and delivery in full and must provide the customer with his valid terms and conditions and his privacy policy.

5. The provider/organiser is solely responsible for the press, competition law and other responsibility for the content he publishes via activities.ie. Activities.ie is not obliged to check the offers made by the provider/organiser for the impairment of the rights of third parties. In the description of its offers, the provider/organiser guarantees that the transmitted image and text data are free of third party rights or granted him/her a corresponding right of use and/or exploitation, and activities.ie and/or its legal successor of all claims of third parties, which are made to him/her due to the offers made by the provider/organiser on the website www.activities.ie or belonging to this domain, subdomains etc.. The hold harmless rule also includes the necessary legal costs. The description of the offers, as well as the pictures used, must refer exclusively to the concrete package/offer. Advertising for travel and events not offered by www.activities.ie is not permitted.

6. The price of the respective package offers is the final price. Additional costs must be shown separately and marked as such. The price is not binding and may deviate from the presentation on the Activities.ie website or in the catalogue according to special availability, program changes and individual special requests of the customer. Accordingly, the illustrated package offers are not a legally binding contract offer, but a program idea.

7. Participants are prohibited from using the addresses, contact details and e-mail addresses obtained through the use of the marketing system for purposes other than contractual and pre-contractual communication. In particular, it is prohibited to use this data for commercial advertising or to send unsolicited advertising (spam). Users of the website have access to the privacy policy and acknowledge it.

8. Activities.ie reserves the right to change within its principles, the order within the marketing system, as far as the participants, taking into account the legitimate interests of activities.ie is reasonable.

9 Business Transactions

1. Activities.ie promotes through its activity the conclusion of business deals between the participants of the marketing system. In doing so Activities.ie applies in its own discretion techniques and methods which seem suitable for this purpose. With the functions "Enquire", the respective contact data of the potential contracting parties are transmitted in whole or in part by activities.ie mutually. The actual contract, as well as the service contents of a trip/event, are the responsibility of the respective customers and providers.

The payment transactions are made directly between the customer and the provider, whereby the general terms and conditions of the respective provider are based. There is no payment on this website.

2. Activities.ie charges a monthly subscription fee on a non-commission basis to the provider. Any further terms of the business relationship between the providers and activities.ie shall be governed by a separate cooperation agreement, which is sent to the provider immediately after the first registration on the website by email.

10 Newsletter system (expert tips)

On this website, you can register free of charge and optionally for a newsletter. The offer is made in various places on the website and when the function "Enquiry" is triggered, but is independent and not linked to this function. For the confirmation, we use the double-opt-in-procedure. This means that your newsletter subscription is only active if you have clicked on a link within our confirmation e-mail. On the page "Expert Tips & News", users who have subscribed to a newsletter can unsubscribe via a simple opt-out.

11 Limitation of Liability

By registering as a participant in the Activities.ie Marketing Platform in one of the possible categories as a customer, provider or intermediary or triggering the function "Enquire" you acknowledge these terms and conditions of the website operator Mediate Travel Limited.

Activities.ie is not liable for the content of linked external websites. Activities.ie is not liable for the proper provision of all services of the offer descriptions on this website. The respective terms and conditions of the respective provider/organisers apply.

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